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Curious About Laser Therapy?

Goldenvale has been offering laser therapy to our clients for over 8 years now.  We use it on almost all patients post operatively for pain control and to speed healing of surgical sights.  We also recommend it to treat various orthopedic, muscle, and nerve conditions. 

Curious as to what laser is? Here’s a quick run down of what it can do for your pet!



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The Physical Exam

The Physical Exam – What Exactly Are We Looking For?


Once a year, we call you up, ask you to load your crew (dog, cat, or multiples of both) into the car and head over to see us for your pet’s Annual Physical Exam. You come, we poke and prod for a few minutes, ask some questions, update their vaccines, and maybe take a blood sample. Sometimes I think we forget to take the time to really tell you what we are checking for, so here is a break down.



Greeting Heidi

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Breed Feature: The Siberian Husky


Huskies are among one of the most common breeds of dogs around. The current breed is a descendant of sled dogs that originated in North-Eastern Siberia 1000’s of years ago. The sled dog was bred to be very athletic and survive the harsh winters.


Kenidi loves making snow angels all winter long

Kenidi loves winter – making snow angels is his favourite

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Breed Feature: The Pomeranian

It’s so FLUFFY!!” – First words out of almost anyone’s mouth when they meet a Pomeranian for the first time. Pomeranians (or “Poms”) are toy breed dogs (4-7.5 lbs full grown) that descend from the Spitz breeds – double coated dogs originating from northern Europe. Poms in particular, started in Northern Germany, and gained in popularity after Queen Victoria took a liking to them. They have small ears that stand straight up, and a (relatively) long tail that curls around on top of their hindquarters. They come in a variety of colours from all white, to sable (a sandy, blonde colour), black and tan, solid black and almost everything in between.


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New Additions to Goldenvale

There have been some new additions at Goldenvale lately!  Read more …

Hello from Dr. Steph

Hello all!

My name is Dr. Stephanie Horgan Smith and this is my official ‘hello’ to the Goldenvale community.  A bit about myself to start – I grew up in Newmarket, spending my time outside of school playing soccer and horseback riding.  After graduating from Newmarket High I moved just a little ways to the west to complete my Bachelor of Science, Honours at the lovely University of Guelph.  Read more …

Thought of the Day

To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.
-  Confuscious