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Breed Feature: The Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers sometimes get a bad reputation from pop culture. In movies and cartoons, they are always portrayed as tough guard dogs, or part of the “bad guys”. The best pop culture Doberman reference I could find was the leader of the island dog pack, Alpha, in the movie “Up”.  He gave us gems like “Now you must wear the cone of shame.” and “Mayhaps you desire to – SQUIRREL!”.



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Breed Feature: The Siberian Husky


Huskies are among one of the most common breeds of dogs around. The current breed is a descendant of sled dogs that originated in North-Eastern Siberia 1000’s of years ago. The sled dog was bred to be very athletic and survive the harsh winters.


Kenidi loves making snow angels all winter long

Kenidi loves winter – making snow angels is his favourite

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Breed Feature: The Pomeranian

It’s so FLUFFY!!” – First words out of almost anyone’s mouth when they meet a Pomeranian for the first time. Pomeranians (or “Poms”) are toy breed dogs (4-7.5 lbs full grown) that descend from the Spitz breeds – double coated dogs originating from northern Europe. Poms in particular, started in Northern Germany, and gained in popularity after Queen Victoria took a liking to them. They have small ears that stand straight up, and a (relatively) long tail that curls around on top of their hindquarters. They come in a variety of colours from all white, to sable (a sandy, blonde colour), black and tan, solid black and almost everything in between.


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Breed Feature: The Belgian Shepherd

Welcome to the first post of our new Breed Feature.  


Every few weeks we will make a post dedicated to a specific dog or cat breed.  We will go over some of their physical traits and personalities and tell you what is unique about them.  We will also cover common health concerns and things you can do to help prevent or manage them. 


Meet the Belgian Shepherd; a herding breed that originated in Belgium in the late 1800’s.  Read more …

Introducing… Doggie Daycare!

Any of you that have come to see us in the last few months probably saw the mess of wood chips, dirt, and construction equipment littering our front parking lot.  We are very happy to announce that the construction is now finished and our brand new Doggie Daycare pen and program are open for participants! Read more …