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The Physical Exam

The Physical Exam – What Exactly Are We Looking For?


Once a year, we call you up, ask you to load your crew (dog, cat, or multiples of both) into the car and head over to see us for your pet’s Annual Physical Exam. You come, we poke and prod for a few minutes, ask some questions, update their vaccines, and maybe take a blood sample. Sometimes I think we forget to take the time to really tell you what we are checking for, so here is a break down.



Greeting Heidi

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Breed Feature: The Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers sometimes get a bad reputation from pop culture. In movies and cartoons, they are always portrayed as tough guard dogs, or part of the “bad guys”. The best pop culture Doberman reference I could find was the leader of the island dog pack, Alpha, in the movie “Up”.  He gave us gems like “Now you must wear the cone of shame.” and “Mayhaps you desire to – SQUIRREL!”.



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Breed Feature: The Siberian Husky


Huskies are among one of the most common breeds of dogs around. The current breed is a descendant of sled dogs that originated in North-Eastern Siberia 1000’s of years ago. The sled dog was bred to be very athletic and survive the harsh winters.


Kenidi loves making snow angels all winter long

Kenidi loves winter – making snow angels is his favourite

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Spring Brings the Creepy Crawlies out of Hiding – Part 3: Ticks & Lyme Disease


Over the last few years, the number of ticks we are seeing on our veterinary patients has been steadily increasing, below is some general information on the creepy crawlies and things to be aware of if you find one on your pet.

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Spring Brings the Creepy Crawlies out of Hiding – Part 1: Fleas

FINALLY some nicer weather! It’s been one loooong and cold winter but it seems like Mother Nature is finally ready to give us a break. As nice it will be to get back outside, it’s that time of year where we have to start getting ready for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes carrying heartworm infection, and gastrointestinal parasite transmission.  
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Breed Feature: The Labrador Retriever

Did you know that the Labrador Retriever is Canadian? The breed started in Newfoundland as a working dog that was good in the water helping with fishing nets and used for sport retrieving water fowl during hunting trips. Read more …

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