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Breed Feature: The Belgian Shepherd

Welcome to the first post of our new Breed Feature.  


Every few weeks we will make a post dedicated to a specific dog or cat breed.  We will go over some of their physical traits and personalities and tell you what is unique about them.  We will also cover common health concerns and things you can do to help prevent or manage them. 


Meet the Belgian Shepherd; a herding breed that originated in Belgium in the late 1800’s.  Read more …

Therapeutic Laser? Yes, please!

As a student of veterinary medicine, one of the first things you come to accept is that cats are, well… different.  Most of us had worked in clinics prior to starting vet school and owned cats ourselves so we were already aware of their staggering difference compared to dogs as a pet/companion/couch ornament/furry thing that lives in your house and you see on occasion at feeding time or for 2am cuddles; but the differences don’t stop there.  First year vet school is all about basic anatomy and physiology and it’s here we discover just how unique our feline friends are.   Read more …