It’s Time for Spring Cleaning – That Includes the Pooch!

We all know it’s the season for our spring cleaning around the house.  If you haven’t looked at “Fluffy” in a while he or she probably needs to visit the Groomer.

Here at Goldenvale we recommend, for most breeds, a visit every 6-8 weeks depending on the haircut.  Often times during the winter the cut is styled longer but should still be maintained on a regular basis.  For those breeds that are not clipped they still need  grooming throughout the winter to keep their skin and coats healthy.

If you are like a lot of families you may have decided to let the hair grow all season and worry about it in the spring – well – SPRING IS HERE !  Please remember to be kind to your pet and your groomer.  If the coat has become extremely matted during the winter you can’t expect your groomer to perform miracles.  Get your pet shaved down and start over fresh.  Your pet will thank you.

(written by Heidi Jahnke – professional groomer)